Our social projects

An optional course entitled “Legal servicing of businesses. Practices” has been organized on the basis of Agreement “On partnership and cooperation” concluded between the “COUNCIL” Law Firm and the Tashkent State Institute of Law. The objective of this project is to improve the quality of training young specialists, who would meet the present day requirements and be able to combine deep theoretical training with their professional practical skills.  The training course conducted by practicing lawyers “emerges” a student into the world of routine daily legal collisions and problems, which he/she will come across with upon graduation from a higher educational institution, having commenced his/her work.

The “COUNCIL” Law Firm has created a bot for the Telegram messenger called “JurisCONSUL’t” («ЮрисКОНСУЛьт»), which helps to draw up for free model documents of a legal nature without appealing to a lawyer: power of attorney, applications, statement of claim or complaint to the civil,  criminal or economic courts. JurisCONSUL’t will help to get helpful links to the websites of government agencies containing the texts of the Codes and Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions of the Constitutional Court, Plenums of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, detailed information on economic courts for payment of state dues, postal and such other expenses, rates of state fees for filing lawsuits (appeals) to courts, effecting notary actions, etc. The advantages of the JurisCONSUL’t is that the bot, developed by the lawyers, is free free of charge, it’s easy in operation and provides an opportunity to create a document that can be amended and changed. To take an advantage of the opportunities of a legal assistant, one needs to dial ЮрисКОНСУЛьт (JurisCONSUL’t) or @uzlawbot in the Telegram search line.

Cooperation between the UNESCO Representative Office in Uzbekistan and the “COUNCIL” Law Firm is based on their joint intension to support the preservation of Uzbekistan’s intangible cultural heritage. The “COUNCIL” is a legal partner of the UNESCO Office in Uzbekistan in conducting the Annual traditional textiles “Atlas bayrami” (Silk Holiday) Festival. The objective of the Festival is to support the process of preserving and reviving traditional crafts, create conditions for the development of high-quality handicrafts. The “Atlas Bayrami” Festival contributes its share to further development and promotion of national handicrafts, tourism, and expansion of cooperation between artisans of different countries.